Awesome machine learning projects for inspiration

I don’t know about you but for me, the best way to get inspired is by looking at other people have done. And so, here’s a collection of amazing machine learning projects.

1 – Deep photo style transfer


Photo style transfer using deep learning techniques, here are some results from this algorithm (from left to right are input, style and the output):

2 – Python Grand Theft Auto self-driving cars

This dude has been recording a series of videos about his project that uses neural networks to make a self-driving car that can drive around in Los Santos, the city of Grand Theft Auto V.


3 – The course running master

And this other dude who recorded a series of videos showing the challenges of training Forest to become the course running master.

4 – Real-time face classification


Another open-source goodie: Real-time face detection and emotion/gender classification using fer2013/imdb datasets with a Keras CNN model and openCV.

5 –┬áMachine Learning for Flappy Bird using Neural Network & Genetic Algorithm

Creative, to say the least.

I hope you enjoyed it! Remember you can start learning Machine Learning today!