If you came to this page, it’s probably because you are in a hurry to learn!

I don’t blame you, and although I do my best to write my post as direct to the point as possible, sometimes having all the information laid in front of you in order just makes it a lot easier.

That’s why I’ve released a few eBooks to help you move faster. These are direct to the point, short read eBooks about all things Artificial Intelligence that will take you to the next level and help you achieve a promotion, a career change or simply help you with your new found hobby.

Oh! I should mention, the books are free if you are on Kindle, and very cheap if you are not.

Domain Specific Knowledge

Below there a few books of my authorship to help you with your machine learning journey



Once it’s done, where do I run it?

Once you have written fancy neural networks, where will they live?


After it’s running, how will people find it?

Create websites using the language that powers most of the internet.