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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence aren’t hard, they are fun!

Hi, Edward here. I’m the one behind the project Machine Learning is Fun, and if you disagree with the statement above, there is a chance you have been learning from the wrong sources

Mlisfun aims to produce easy to read, accessible content, to get you up to speed with machine learning and artificial intelligence as a whole.

As a Software Engineer I write in a way that is practical rather than theoretical, with a focus on implementation rather than in conceptualities, I find that it makes learning a lot easier if you only go into the details when you actually need to.


I keep all of the articles as far away from mathematical concepts as possible, but being able to code in Python is still a hard requirement to get started. Not to worry, here are some of the basics covered:

  1. Why Python?
  2. Get started with Python
  3. Basic Python

Basic concepts

Each of these is two to three paragraph reads

  1. What Machine Learning actually is?
  2. What are Neural Networks?
  3. What is Deep Learning?
  4. What are Conversational Interfaces?
  5. What is Computer Vision?

I also recommend looking at the FAQ as it seems to be very helpful.

I’m ready! Show me the good stuff!

  1. How to train your first model in 15 minutes or less
  2. Building a Neural Network to validate wine quality
  3. How to build a chatbot in 15 minutes or less
  4. Using TensorFlow to build an image classifier in less than 10 minutes

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